Welcome to Saving Grace LA

The mission of Saving Grace, LA is to ensure the most humane treatment of animals. We are a 501C3 dedicated to helping animals in need. We rescue from the street as well as the pounds. We foster them & provide medical treatment until we can find the best home for them. We have rescued over 2000 animals.

We are very involved in the humane trapping of feral cats which includes altering, vaccines, de fleaing, then releasing them. Dogs are a bigger project, for they need more attention, and most of the time need to be boarded, as foster homes are very hard to come by. This is VERY costly, and we need help. Vets do not give us a price break. The average cost of a rescue is $300. We want to bring awareness to all animal lovers, the inhumane deaths that go on in our over-burdened city shelters. Help us return to our beloved animals the grace that humankind took away.


“A little donation can go a long way. We are a small army of 4 with thousands of animals needing to be helped.”

If you're more comfortable with "snail mail", please make your check out to SAVING GRACE LA and mail c/o: 137 No Larchmont #212 LA CA 90004. Thank you.

Where your funds would go: Short Term

  • Cat and dog rescues
  • Foster homes & boarding
  • Medicine and food

Where your funds would go: Long Term

  • Educating everyone about how to care for their pets
  • Fulltime street rescues
  • Building a cattery

Click HERE for pets AVAILABLE for adoption TODAY!

All of our animals are available for adoption or foster care immediately. They have been saved from the shelters and are ready for their new homes.

Henry and Norman say HELLO!

We could also use some non-cash donations:

Cat beds, blankets, toys, food, litter, bowls, supplies, etc.

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